June 02, 2012



So.. it's been a while since I blogged. But since I have a free night.. or should I say I'm "Procrastinating"..again.
Here's one of the favourite things I absolutely love doing..


Yey! So, Let's begin :)

Day 1: Write Something Basic About Yourself

Hi :)

Jeremy Jilliane Ganancial-Del Tierro Ulanday here.. (Although I only use Jeremy Ganancial Ulanday) but you can call me "Mimi" or "Jez" for short. Oh and yes Im short too! I'm 5'4 or maybe even smaller.. sadtimes!

Been living and loving life for 19 years and 8 months. 4 months to go til' my "TEEN YEAR" is over!

I love the colour GREEN and WHITE :) Infact, I like anything white.. white shoes in particular.

Im a watch person. I love watches. I feel naked without a watch. GETS MO?

I have a CRAZY personality. BUBBLY? I laugh 99% percent of the time :)

HATE is a strong word.. But yes, I HATE butterflies and I HATE CLOWNS. OH MY GOD! I cannot express how much they freak me out.

Another thing that I dont particularly like.. people staring at me when Im eating. I can just picture their eyeballs gazing right into me.. precisely glaring at me.. focused. URGH. So if Im able to eat infront of you.. we must be close. :)

I like music.. but music doesnt seem to like me. HAHA! So, I'd pick sports instead. I'm a swimmer, I play hockey and netball too. Ive been part of the team for the past 8 years. I swim 4 times a week every 7am..well atleast I use too. THEN EXAMS CAME ALONG.

I do kick boxing and black belter in Taekwondo :) You see im not "girly-girl" Touch me, you die. JOKE. haha!

Im also inlove with photography. Im not very good at it. haha! But I like to capture moments that has explicit meaning behind it. Looking through the camera lens through my eyes.. that would be amazing.

I love the name "SUMMER". I wish my name was SUMMER :)

I love books. Bookstores are my Disneyland.

I love reading, receiving and writing letters.

I love E.E Cummings and his words and work of Art.

I enjoy sharing small peculiar facts about myself.

Ive never seen the Sunset :(

I want a DOG :( A cute one. Perhaps a pug.

I have an OCD of being organised. I don't like mess. I like being a perfectionist.

I love GOD. :)

I have the most amazing bestfriend, My Mom.
My most favourite kid, My brother.
My favourite girl, My Twin Mitch (Charmaine) 
And my life, love and everything.. My Love, Brylle ♥

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