December 19, 2010

The 2 Matt's in my life.

Oh I just remember. A week today was the time when Matt Cardle won the X-Factor 2010 :)
I dont know him literally, but whenever he sings he melts my heart. He has the most beautiful voive and Oh my days, that face is heaven. He is so handsome. The first time I saw him perform during the auditiona, I remember saying to myself - "Im defo watching X-Factor this year!" I am so proud of him and he deserved to win. He was absolutely fantastic. A bit sad? Yeah! Obssessed? Just a tad :)

Well another reason why I really loved him was because he reminded me soo much of my best friend from way way back. He is also called Matt. He was also a very good singer. He sings to me over the phone when Im like loosing my will to live because I am so drowned with problems. Then everything will be perfect again.
Technically, He is also one of the reasons why Ive taken more interest into writing Blogs. Whenever he sees me around school in the Library Im always there typing my heart and soul away into this stupid website nobody gets to see apart from him.

Matt: Hey up my little Miss Writer! Let me guess.. Blogging?
Me: Yeahh... *shy*
Matt: Let's have a read..
Me: NNOOOO! Go away.
Matt: Please? *that puppy dog eyes face!*
Matt: Right.. you spelt "Loser" wrong.. again! You missed a full stop there... HAHA!
Me: Oh not this again :(
Matt: However.. Your life is so interesting. :)

Aww, Im not going to write much more cause I know I might just end up crying.

Hey buddy,

I know I promised that I would write on my Diary everyday for you to read and let you know what you have been missing. I also promised that I would carry on blogging for you to check if my spelling's right if I have missed any full stops, whatsoever. But it's kinda difficult at times. Especially thinking that you're not actually going to be there anymore to read and to correct it.
If I told you how much I was missing you, and how much it hurts not having you around all the time, you'd probably tell me to shut up and stop being such a wuss. So I won't :) I'll just say thank you, for being the best friend/fake brother/body guard anyone could ever ask for. For always knowing just what to... say and caring for everyone like you did. Will never forget some of the times we had, you crazy fool :) You'll always be with me Matt no matter what, and the little things we used to laugh at throughout the day will never fade. Still can’t believe you’re gone and would give ANYTHING to have you back, but I know you’re doing jusssst fine. Oh and guess what, I'm actually getting some work done in lessons :]
I know im always running to you whenever time gets a little rough. And you never fail to help me from up there. Even my mum misses you! Whenever I hear the song "Use Somebody" I think - "Hey, he's with me right now"  2 years on the 23rd now Matt. Prob's why it just hit me the fact that youve gone forever and never coming back. But you will always be with me.
I miss you very much.
Love you, always always.

R.I.P - Matthew John Mayer - 23/12/08

Fifth and Final one & My DEBUT ♥

Yes, that's right. ANOTHER NEW blogsite for the what... the nth time?  I've been blogging since I was the age of 13, just for the sake of it really but I never really got round to publishing it. I get those times where I linger around and go for a walk down the park or this lake nearby where I usually go to escape from reality and think " I could write about how beautiful and exquisite this place is!" I take a couple of photographs and never retrieving it again..
I have also enforced making more than one or two or three.. or four blogsites before. But it's either I imprudently forget my username or password or just simply having the urge of starting all over again.. just for the sake of it. haha! Wishful thinking, this should be my fifth and final one :)
Let me start you off with this blog I constructed after my 18th Birthday a month or so ago. It's just something I wrote to thank those lovely people who came to my party :)
Here it goes..

Hello everyone!

I know it's a little too late,  but it's better late than never! I never got a chance to thank each and every single one of you for the birthday messages on Saturday as well as for coming to my party on Sunday, my sched's been ballistic and I've been so busy with college work, so I didnt have time ! It was a delight and a great pleaure that everyone was there to celebrate it with me :) I enjoyed it very much, I hope you all did too!

I remember a week ago today was my actual birthday but it didnt feel like it till the Sunday! Lol Pressure and stress was in all quarters along with the bliss and the high spirit. Phonecalls, texts, visitors round, wall ost to wish me happy birthday. I remember telling my mum "Ma, andami pong nag wri-write at gregreet ng happy birthday sa wall ko, nakakatuwa!." and her replying "HA?! BAKIT SILA SUMUSULAT SA PADER?" It was the funiest thing ever! What a comedian :) Lol

That week before the debut, was the busiest in my whole 18 years of living! Lol Although, i've been contemplating about it since my 16th birthday thinking, it has to be better than my 16th! Yet, there was still a little one or two mistakes alongside of it. I remember even dreaming 2 days before my birthday that was I was still making invitations on my actually birthday! Oh funny times! My mum was the most stress amongst us all. She was like "Everyone's got their dresses already!" However, without her, I wouldnt have that awesome party. I swear, she was awake for the whole month thinking about it! Lol

The day of the party, I couldnt even visualize how busy we all were. Slept at 5am, woke up at 8, prepared my clothes, dashed to the venue at 11, fetched the baloons at 1, went home at 5, and got ready for an hour. AN HOUR! I manage to do my hair and make-up and clothes including my mum's hair and make up PLUS, ironing my brother's clothes in just an hour. I felt like a superhero :D Lol! Yet, I sill had time to check my facebook. ADIK! haha



Then that was it..
After 18 years of waiting..
DEBUT ko na yey! :)

11 years ago,  it was my cousin’s 18th birthday.. that was the first time I ever attended and witnessed an 18 birthday or a debut.  I remember, thinking to myself and asking my lola “Gusto ko po ng ganyan.. I want one of those one day.. do you think mum and dad will give me one?” she answered.. “If you do your homework.. if you get high grades.. if you eat a lot fruit and vegetables and if you’re a good girl.. sa awa ng diyos they will give it to you” So through the years I did my homework,  i got high grades, I ate a lot of vegetables.. but I wasn’t always the good daughter everyone expected me to be.
But I tried .. and here I am. They gave it to me.
As a little girl Ive always desired of having one of these. My mum said to me, I never got to experience this when I was your age, although I really wanted to. Therefore, I want you to experience it for me. Im the sort of person who is not 'girly-girly'. I grew up in Pangasinan, proud ILOCANA :) I wasnt that type of kid, who established a childhood living where I just stayed home playing with my dollhouse or barbies. I was more of -out and about, played 'patentero', Hide and seek late in the evening, climbed a 'bayabas' or 'mango' tree. Hence, Im that sort of girl who didnt like the colour pink, detest wearing skirts. Im a true 'Probinsyana' yet again, im proud to be. That's what made my childhood perfect.


Life isn’t easy as we all know it, we go through a lot of happiness and excitement as well as a lot of barricade, hardship, problems and dilemmas, but thats just the way it goes and at the end of the day, basta mag tiwala ka lng sa diyos.. You’ll realise that you’ll get there. And here I am now.. I got here. 

An encore, I just wanted to say an excessive amount of thank you to my parents, for everything you have done, not only for that night but also over the years. Were always told as children that you don’t understand what your parents do for you until you stand on your own two feet and do it yourself. Now I understand. Thank you for always being there, as a friend and someone to talk to, and to make me my dinner when I come home from college. I wasnt the perfect daughter, but without a doubt they were the perfect parents. They were strict, YES VERY STRICT, but I wouldnt have it any other way. Now, I understand that decipline is a must! Lol. Forver will not be enough to say thank you to them, but if it takes me a lifetime, then I will try.
To 'Bro' - Lord, thank you po for absolutely EVERYTHING, you have always been there to guide me through life and for giving me all the blessings.
To those who helped out with the preparations and food:
My kambal - Charmaine Marquez - The reason behind those beautiful pictures, my photographer and for decorating.
My second mummy in stoke - Tita Monique Jugueta - The maker of that beautiful cake, for decorating, the food prep, my co-event planner, the invitations and for Jugueta Fam, for eveything else she's done for our family.  
Tita Fe knott & Tito Jeff - For helping out on the day
Tita Zeny Pieter - fro my beautiful gowns!
Jay Estoesta - My bestfwen, future singer ;) hehe!
Sola Family - for the food and for those beautiful pictures
Tita Meann - For the lovely table decorations and for helping out on the day.
Calalang Family - Tito Norby for dropping/fetching us  whenever we have dance practice and ofcourse, My Emcee of the night, Tita Christine! :)
Tita Joanne Raymundo - for that beautiful, touching Invocation.
Samodal Family -for the food!
Suelan Family - For the food and the beautiful present! ;)

(I apoogise if Ive missed anyone out, let me know andill put you on there, sorry!)

And ofcourse, last but not the least,
GB8 and My cotillion Crew ;)

Robyn and Mike
And syempre! Sa lahat po ng dumalo, a never ending Thank you!! :)
This will be the last time I will celebrate my birthday THIS big, I told my mum next year, I wanna go home to Pinas and have my birthday with a charity foundation for my 19th. I think its time for me to share my blessings to others na!
Hirap pala maging Event Planner ng sarili kong debut, lol But it was a great success, without you all tho, it would not be PERFECT :)


Many thanks, from Ulanday Family.


Yup. That's Me.

This is where you'd find the random rambling of my everyday life and spilling the truths behind every drama..
Im Jeremy Jilliane Ganancial Ulanday (i always want it complete.. im a Q!). aka Mimi or Jez. i was born on the month of October.

SEVENTEEN.. yrs. old. I LOVE that number :) (Well Im actually 18 now :( I wrote this back when I WAS 17. LoL)

COLLEGE.. student
Im a Devoted Christian-  . I love God :)
I'm a FRUSTRATED ARTIST  forcing my own self to use my artistic side. most of the time, i have the idea but that's just it. no application.

I'm a WRITER  who writes for art's sake. i feed my hungry soul and not other people's soul. im a writer who never reads anything.

I'm a MUSICIAN  who hates the process of learning music and the pain of learning how to play the guitar. im a musician who failed to remember how to play the piano. im a musician who have forgotten how to read musical notes.

I 'm a SINGER who never sings in front of the crowd. im a singer who's afraid of karaoke but loves it when other people are singing. im a singer who only listens to music and sings for herself.

I'm a PAINTER who is not gifted with an artistic hand. im a painter who can only visualize my beautiful painting in a canvas that i never had.

I'm a DANCER . who knows just a little dancing. im a dancer who never owned the dance floor. im a dancer who can only dance in the mind and in the music the life created for me.

I'm an ACTRESS  .who never got the spotlight. im an actress who acts in a deserted theater. im an actress who performs in front of my one but big audience, GOD.

Im an introvert who
eats books
drinks music 
loves sarcasm, and occasional morbidness
loathes  maths. but im taking it for A levels anyway.
and is fueled by hundreds of random things like television, love, Starbucks Frappucino's & McDonalds Banana Milkshake nomnomnom :).
You will usually find me in front of a computer, wasting her time on My Blog and Youtube and Facebook, or just plainly procrastinating to avoid doing anything important.

I Love the colour  GREEN.
the name SUMMER.
Church of the Nazarene
hugs & kisses
his's aftershave
my guitar
my charm bracelet
My heroes are my Mommy & Daddy  . They mean the WORLD to me, They've inspired me to do a lot of things, Let me stand alone, yet guided me through the years and taught me a lot of lessons in life,Brought me up to become a better person. I do, more than words can say, I love them lots.
My super,duper, kulit brother.

My baby boo - I love him so much :)
My family.
My Inang - My grandmom
My kambal.
CharmaineMy bestfriend  Sadie
& my close friends.

Right. Enough said.
I'll  Shut Up.

Peachy Keen ♥ Jillybean.