March 22, 2011

You are my SUNSHINE, my only SUNSHINE!

The obscure, blinding sunlight rays coming through my window is what woke me up this morning and thought

 " Oh dear, its 7am again! I swear I haven't even slept yet!"

No seriously, I haven't. I literally finished my coursework a few hours ago - 2 hours and 15 minutes to be precised, before I woke up  for it being due in this morning. Cramming time? Tell me about it. After I typed  that last word on that disquisition, hit the bathroom, cleaned my teeth, surge in the kitchen and drank a glass of water after I gobbled 2 pain killers to deflect that headache I can feel occuring, galloped back up to my room and de facto died on my bed.

Despite all that chaos, I was happy. Another day, another challenge and another adventure awaits for me outside that door. I feel very blessed to even wake up to another :)

Oh that beautiful sunshine too! By all means, Spring - my favourite season is on its way!

Hello, Cherry Blossoms!

I'm actually stuck in a very boring Chemistry lesson right now with my laptop. I have my FASHION SHOW tonight - very excited indeed! A busy day lie's ahead! Whatever this day may bring - Im ready for it!

Have a blessed day everyone!

Later on today:

Just when I thought I can cope fine. I started feeling bewildered and light - headed. Those lack of sleep and "I dont have time for breakfast" appeared to be kicking in. Aside from the fevered, summer's heat, frustration and anxiety began recuperating. I've been pushing and pulling myself up and down the two College buildings - at least 10 mins away from each other. Rookery Lane, I swear was never ending! Ive never felt so weary in all my life. I was a walking Zombie. To add up to that, last minute haste of work, rehearsals for the fashion show was killing the excitement. Im not even excited anymore.. :(

Just now I hit the Library to work.The silent noise was defeaning me.
But peace at last.