June 02, 2012



So.. it's been a while since I blogged. But since I have a free night.. or should I say I'm "Procrastinating"..again.
Here's one of the favourite things I absolutely love doing..


Yey! So, Let's begin :)

Day 1: Write Something Basic About Yourself

Hi :)

Jeremy Jilliane Ganancial-Del Tierro Ulanday here.. (Although I only use Jeremy Ganancial Ulanday) but you can call me "Mimi" or "Jez" for short. Oh and yes Im short too! I'm 5'4 or maybe even smaller.. sadtimes!

Been living and loving life for 19 years and 8 months. 4 months to go til' my "TEEN YEAR" is over!

I love the colour GREEN and WHITE :) Infact, I like anything white.. white shoes in particular.

Im a watch person. I love watches. I feel naked without a watch. GETS MO?

I have a CRAZY personality. BUBBLY? I laugh 99% percent of the time :)

HATE is a strong word.. But yes, I HATE butterflies and I HATE CLOWNS. OH MY GOD! I cannot express how much they freak me out.

Another thing that I dont particularly like.. people staring at me when Im eating. I can just picture their eyeballs gazing right into me.. precisely glaring at me.. focused. URGH. So if Im able to eat infront of you.. we must be close. :)

I like music.. but music doesnt seem to like me. HAHA! So, I'd pick sports instead. I'm a swimmer, I play hockey and netball too. Ive been part of the team for the past 8 years. I swim 4 times a week every 7am..well atleast I use too. THEN EXAMS CAME ALONG.

I do kick boxing and black belter in Taekwondo :) You see im not "girly-girl" Touch me, you die. JOKE. haha!

Im also inlove with photography. Im not very good at it. haha! But I like to capture moments that has explicit meaning behind it. Looking through the camera lens through my eyes.. that would be amazing.

I love the name "SUMMER". I wish my name was SUMMER :)

I love books. Bookstores are my Disneyland.

I love reading, receiving and writing letters.

I love E.E Cummings and his words and work of Art.

I enjoy sharing small peculiar facts about myself.

Ive never seen the Sunset :(

I want a DOG :( A cute one. Perhaps a pug.

I have an OCD of being organised. I don't like mess. I like being a perfectionist.

I love GOD. :)

I have the most amazing bestfriend, My Mom.
My most favourite kid, My brother.
My favourite girl, My Twin Mitch (Charmaine) 
And my life, love and everything.. My Love, Brylle ♥

March 25, 2012

Happy Sunny Sunday!

WOOP! Happy Sunny Sunday everyone! :) Seeing that it rains 250 days in a year here in England. Beautiful weather like this, really does make a difference! To top it off..It's Sunday too!
Which got me into reminiscing one of the most special Sundays that I had last year. I went back home to Philippines and I got to attend Sunday church where I grew up..

I grew up here as a kid with my Uncle's and Aunties, Lola and Lolo's, Inang and Amangs, Young People/Youth Group, Pastors, The kids, Churchmates.. we were all a FAMILY. I use to love being part of the choir or doing a Solo every Sunday, reading bible stories during Sunday School or just that kid who takes over the Tamborine whenever we sing.  I've really missed those day.

So I'm going to admit the fact that I was teary eyed and very emotional throughout the Mass. I was just overwhelmed and couldn't believe the fact that I was back there.. It felt like a missing piece of me has been filled. After 11 years.. I was home.

My church has always been a part of me. I'm proud to say that.. It moulded me to be the person I am today.

Manang PJ. Jessie . Princess

Youth Group!

Worship Team!

March 23, 2012

Not all strangers..are "STRANGE"

WOAAH! I have not updated my blog in a while, I mean.. A WHILLLLEE! I've consistently been busy over the past months.. went on Holiday back in my homeland - Philippines a couple of months ago for almost 4 weeks! (Which I will blog about SOON! Promise! Ive got so much kwento :) ) Been out and about and most of all been busy with WORK and COLLEGE WORK lately. Super. My January exams were BALLISTIC! So my schedule has been really tight.

I have started writing new posts recently actually but I never got round to finishing it. Either I've been busy.. or just plain lazy. haha! It's all saved on my drafts.

However.. something happened today that really captivated me. I realised that..

Not all strangers.. are "STRANGE".

It all began like this..
I went straight to the library after my College lectures earlier. I just thought.. since I've been very busy being a pain in the bum with procastination, I might hit the books, get my head down and do some work in the library. So I did. Sat down.. brought out a pile of books that weighed TONS and got out a million copies of sheets and notes and did my research for Physics. Earphones in, iPod on.. and completely zooned out of this planet.
Indeed, I did atleast 2 hours of research. Then a random man came along and sat on my desk and handed me a packet of Morissons tissues..


The first thing that popped into my head is ofcourse "What on earth?! who is this person?!" haha

No. I was not hearbroken. I realised that I have been crying my eyes out due to hayfever. haha!

I actually didn't get a chance to say anything then he carried on talking and said..

"You're a strong person. So whatever it is you are going through now will be over before you even know it. Just do what you do best.. all these hard work (pointing out my books layed on the table) will ALL be worth it in the end. Prove them all wrong and one day they'll be proud. You can do it"
(Yes, I did remember his exact words clearly)
Then walked off..

REALLY! Who says that? That is probably the weirdest yet one of THE NICEST or most ENCOURAGING thing a stranger has ever said to me in 19 years of living.

I was literally in TEARS. And not because of hayfever this time.. but because he reminded me of my dad. :(

My dad is not exactly the man of many words. He's not very outspoken when it comes to encouraging me. Infact, he is VERY hard to please. I have worked my socks of.. with blood and sweat for many years to get the highest grades yet I have never heared him say "Im proud of you" until that day I last saw him before he went away and FINALLY said..

"Anak Im very proud of you"

So whoever that man was. Thank you :) It made my day.
Before and After

July 18, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 17.

Day 17: Things that make you scared.

Besides all the little things like being scared of Snakes, Butterflies (for me anyway!)..
Its the same for everyone else.
Losing the people I love.

Losing my closest friends..
Losing my family..
Losing him..

Oh and getting my heart broken >.<

July 06, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 16.

Day 16: 3 things you are proud of about your personality.

Okay first, Im a very chirpy, blissful, exultant, intoxicated (or whatever you may call it!) person. Im always making jokes, laughing here and there.. at home, at school, party.. you name it! This, I guess, is a part of my personality that makes me harmonize with a lot of people. As my Zodiac sign declared that us Libra's acquire an "easygoing and sociable" personality trait. An old "bestfwen" of mine, Jay, once told me
"Thats one thing I love about you, lagi kang masaya na para kang walang problema. Nakakadala! :)"
I took it as a compliment. Cause if it makes people happy, it makes me even happier.

Secondly, optimisn or a state of having positive beliefs is written all over me. Not at all times, but mostly. I guess that my grandma's affirmative umbringing was the reason behind it. She taught me not only to be contented with what I've got, but actually be HAPPY that Ive got it. Whenever things get tough, she always use to say..
"God sometimes pushes us OUT of our COMFORTABLE lives. To teach us how to TRUST him, Yes, we may fall a bit but he will never let us hit the ground."

Thirdly, Im real and Im me. I may seem "nice" and "gentle" but Im not, I can be strong and I wont let other people push me around. I have my own opinions (Although im not very out spoken about it) But I wont do it just because other people's doing it or other people push me to do it. If I know I believe im doing the right thing, Ill stick to it. No if's, no buts. What you see is what you get.

July 05, 2011

My Birmingham/Stoke Family!

"Friends are like kulangot - We all stick together"
HAHA! I read this quote yesterday and it made me smile and reminded me some of the good friends Ive met not long ago.

Meet my family - My Birmingham-Stoke Family! We all met through Kim - around March when the Birmingham Boys visited Stoke. From then, we started taking turns on whether they come to Stoke or we go down to Birmingham. It really has been a journey of "laugh trips" so far..

So here we go, let me introduce you to my party people ;)

Mitch :)

Meet Charmaine Joyce Marquez - a.k.a "Charm" "Mitch" "B2"
My beautiful Twin. Ang maganda naming "muse" ng grupo. Diba halata naman? hehe Someone I can share everything to and be on the phone with till my phone runs out of battery. Lol Shes there through the good times and the bad. and I really wouldnt know what to do without her! Isa rin tong baliw katulad ko! Most of the time, our laugh is even funnier than the joke. But If you put us together you'll have a never ending laugh throughout the day, I guarantee you that! I love her <3

Meet Kimberly Mae Tan - a.k.a "Kim" "Kae" "Dumstuh"
My other sisterette! Ang crush ng bayan! Diba boys? ;) I mean, pati yata ako may crush sakanya! Lol Chinita beauty and dating - who would have thought shes Filipina? She was the one who brought us all together. Lahat narin yata nasaknya, veryyy good dancer tska pwede naring maging make-up artist! Without her, hindi rin kumpleto ang laughtrip ng lahat! I love her, you lover her, we all love her! Yeryeryer!

Tin & Cy

 Meet Christine Samonte -a.k.a "Tin Tin"
Syempre! Another beauty from Stoke! Ang singer ng group namin, ala Juris ng MYMP. Talented singer, dancer and screamerrrrr! haha! The way she screams... oh my. You will be stunned! So lay off and make sure you dont get in the way or baka uuwi ka ng bingi! Haha! We love you Tin!

Meet Cyrus Plaza - a.k.a "CY"
Yes naman! Our one and only man from the Stoke group! What more can I say? The way he looks at you on that photo above will truly melt your heart! Our very talented dancer too! (And ofcourse, rapper ng "Super Bass" namin. OHA! San pa kayo? "Friendship" isnt "Friendship" without him! Love you CY!

Ken & Karlen

Meet Kaleena Tan and Karlen Ahorro- a.k.a "Kenken" and "Mae"
Another two chinita beauties! Tahimik din mga to but both beauty and brains! Ask them about K-Pop or Korean Stuff, they would know! Kasama din namin everywhere we go, so di kumpleto ang barkada kapag wala sila! We love you girls!

Birmingham Boys

Arzzy & I
Meet Raphael Christian Bagasina - a.k.a "Arzzy" "Arz" haha!
Well well well.. This is my "Boss" or "My Amo" loko loko kasi sya at ginawa akong pet Tarsier nya. Ang sama no? Haha! Oh well, looks like mag kakaroon ng ako ng a bottle of perfume by October. haha! Camera Adik, dala nga lagi kung san san. Umuwi yan sa Pinas recently, ang pasalubong lang sakin isang pirasong Polvoron. Ang bait no? Kuripot! haha joke lang! He's a gentleman really. Treats us everywhere! Sa YO Sushi ng Mango Chilli Ice cream, Bubble Tea at Chino Place, Krispe Kreme etc.. BUT, manhid daw yan sa loooovve at nakalimutan na daw mag mahal. Sabi ko naman in denial ka lang! haha Peace, Love and Cheesecake KUYA!

We love you Kuya Harvey!
Meet Harvey Perez - a.k.a "Harvey.. the limping man" Haha! Joke lang!
So heres our Kuya, kuya ng lahat! Matanda na kasi kaya ganun, haha biru lang! If Stoke has our Juris (Tin) Birmingham has their Neyo! First meeting sa Ming Moon and sya  ata ung naging ka close ko agad, baliw din kasi sya katulad ko.. haha! He can sing, he can dance. OH MY GOSH. San ka pa?  The "One in a million" song by Ne-Yo always reminds me of him! "Girl you're so one in a million, You are, Baby you're the bes Best I ever had!" OHA! Whenever he sings, he melts my heart too. Diba girls? Naks naman!

We love you T-Jay!
Meet Thomas John Dayao -a.k.a "T-Jay" "Teej"
Heres T-Jay, ang pusit ni Kim! kung si Arzzy may pet, si Kim may pet din! Bakit naman kasi pusit kim? haha! Isa rin tong asar! Well insult each other throughout the day kapag pinag tabi kami. Insults in the nicest way possible. haha! The first time we ever met, inasar na agad ako about sa sapatos ko! haha! He makes fun of my "sinigang" pero sa huli ng lahat, sya din pala ang makakaubos! Adik din to sa Haribos (Those miniature teddy bear ones) pinaglaruan ba naman at ginawang toy. Lol. So that was Teej - 85 pesos nalang sya! Bili na! haha

Nikko & Kimmy
Meet Nikko Chiong - a.k.a "Nikko"
Oh diba Fafa? Haha! Chinito naman tong isang to, na wala daw lahing Chinese, sabi nya. haha. Mysterious guy daw sya, ang super tahimik kasi! Pero pag nagsalita na, makulit din pala. Lol Sya yung laging umaalis ng maaga, ewan ko lang kung san napupunta, bigla nalang kasing mawawala! Kauuwi lang nya ng pinas, so Nikko when you come back.. pasalubong ha! lol

Joe and Kimmy

Meet Joseph Francis Malabanan - a.k.a "Joe" "Joe Seph"
Joeeeee, what can I say? Im sure right now kumakain na yan ng balot, isaw, halo halo for me! Lol Ive only met him once pero di ko masyado nakausap until sa Facebook lang. Ang dami kasing sinamang chicks! haha At aba, may balak pala tong itulak ako sa Canal. Buti nalang hindi ginawa at for sure, I would have dragged him down with me. lol. Who would have thought na hes around 20/21? He looks about 12. haha! Peace tayo Kuya Joe! :P Next time he comes here, kulitan time na!! :)

Meet Christopher John Lyew - a.k.a "Chris" "LyewLyew"
Heres the baby of the group, our youngest one! Aww! He's also the "outsider" haha only joking! :D Hes half Chinese so I think Ill let him pass Lol. For me, he doesnt look asian at all but he can speak Chinese fluently and I find that like "woooaah" yet when were all sat together and were all laughing like crazy, he will just sit there in silence thinking "what on earth are they going on about?" Haha! Hes a "Cutie Pie" according to Kims mum, haha! But he does have those adorable dimples! :D

Meet King Ervin Bagasina - a.k.a "King"
Heres Arzzy's brother which I had no idea about since a couple of weeks after meeting him. The complete opposite of Arzzy, kung yun ma ingay, eto naman just cool and relaxed at tahimik! If you put King and Chris together, they really are inseperable! haha! As far as I know, hanep daw to sa football at rounders, parang kidlat kung tumakbo! haha

So there you go.. Just a swift hindsight about them but im pretty sure there's more to it! Now let me just show a quick re-cap on our previous get together.

First Meeting at Kim's House

Adventure number 2: Stoke invades Birmingham!

Adventure number 3: Barbequeee!

Adventure number 4 - Stoke invades Birmingham Take 2!

 So that has been the journey so far... Where is our next stop guys? :)

I love you guys!!

Peace Love & Lol