June 22, 2011

30 Day Challenge!

I need a challenge for today so Im gunna take a whack at this bad boy! It's usually done on Tumblr but Ive decided to do this one on here instead. Have fun reading!

Day 1:

"Weird things you do when you're alone"

Should I even mention this on here? haha. I guess, challenge nga eh.
Most of the time when Im feeling lonely, depressed, heartbroken, homesick, bitter, morbid.. you name it. I could just lay in bed with my iPod on shuffle and just gorm. Really, Im a gormer. A big one.
However, anthetically.. If Im captivated, blissfull, jolly, intoxicated.. I dance around my room, make a new routine, whatsoever. haha!

Day 2:

"Have you changed in the past 2 years"

2 years ago, I was 16. I wouldn't exactly say that I have changed completely, but let's just say Ive distended my outlook on life. A lot had happened in those 2 years, not just a lot really. In those span of 2 years, I came across my BEST and WORSE memories. Mistakes done, but learned from it. Nevertheless, Im still the "makulit", blissful, optimistic person now as I was before. :)

Day 3:

"What kind of person attracts you"

In general? I pretty much get on with everyone. But I really love people who has excellent sense of humour someone who can make me laugh.

Day 4:

"What you wear to bed"

Nighty dress
Big T-Shirt
Shorts and Shirt
Or anything comfortable!

Day 5:

"5 things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex"

Opposite sex:

*Smokers - Oh my god. I big NO-NO. Im sorry!
*Quiet - If anything, I think guys should never be allowed to be quiet! Lol Sila dapat nag dadala ng usapan
            lalo na kapay kausap mo babae. Right?
*Arrogant - HATE full stop
*"Ghetto/Rapper wannabes" - hehe. peace!

Same sex:

*Backstabbers - althought we all do it. Lol
*Girls who looks like orange "wotsits" and caked with makeup. - I dont have a grudge against girls who
  wears tan or makeup because I do, as long as you dont cover up your natural beauty!
*2 faced cows - haha!
*Girls who put captions on their photos saying "Omg, I look o fat!" or "Im so ugly on this picture!" yet post that photo anyway.

Day 6:

"The person you like and why you like them"

My smelly boo boo :P I dont just like them, I love him! Why? He is my abslute EVERYTHING. My bestfriend, my punching bag :P, my hero and my one and only. (I bet you anything, hes smiling like a retard right now after reading this. haha!)

Day 7:

"Your opinion on cheating on people"

No matter what or which angle you look at it or no matter what reason they may give you, It will always be wrong in my eyes.

Day 8:

"Something you are currently worrying about"

Im a worry person. I worry a lot over nothing. But for the meantime, Im worrying about my last exam tomorrow. Eeekk!

Day 9:

"Your last kiss"

I dont kiss and tell. hehe Who else would it be? Lol

Day 10:

"Your views on drugs and alcohol"

Alcohol is potentially normal nowadays. Even people under aged who are not meant to be drinking.. drinks. Im allergic... yet I drink. Same with drugs, I dont take illegal drugs myself but I know a lot of people do. As long as alcohol is consumed wisely I couldnt care less, besides its their life right?

Day 11:

"Your current relationship, if single, discuss how single life is"

Im more than HAPPY :)

Day 12:

"Things you want to say to an ex"


Day 13:

"A date you would love to go on"

I love surprises. If not something typical "movie style" dates, like you know.. walk on the beach or candlelit dinner. It has to be something daring - Skydiving maybe? haha! But no really.. surprises. A lot of them. Maybe something like a "Treasure Hunt" experience. Recieving something through my mail box - perhaps a clue on how to get to my second destination.. and to the next.. and to the next going through different scenarios each time untill I meet my Treasure at the end of it all. :) - Priceless :)

Day 14:

"Something disguting you do"

Id classify this more of "rude" but whatever, same thing. Lol Most of the time, when Im at home (Yes, only at home) I tend to put one leg up on my chair. My mum absolutely detest it if I do this habbit during meal times. She thinks its disgusting - Lagi nyang sinabi "Probinsyana ka talaga!" LOL

Day 15:

"The best thing that happened to you this week"

Hmm, Its only Monday today and nothing really happened so Ill talk about last weeks events instead. Friday - I had a really good time with my smelly boo and my girlies. It was the first tme they met him so we just had lunch and drove around then played arcade. (totally kicked his ass on Guitar Hero! haha!) So that was awesome! Then Sunday was an eventful day too - spent it at Birmingham with my Stoke/B-ham family! :) GOOD TIMES! (Watch out for my next blog entry - ill intruduce you to them! <3)

So... HALF DONE! Im gunna do the rest soon.. one per day so it doesnt get boring! Lol

Childhood Memoirs

1:05 pm - Sunday 12th June 2011

The pitter patter of raindrops on the window sill this morning reminded me of another chilly rainy afternoon in Philippines. Waking up to the lovely, albeit gloomy weather made me think,
"Grabe umuulan na nga, ang init parin! Para talagang Pinas!"
I hauled my blinds up and sat on the window sill as soon as I got out of bed. It really gave me the chill factor and thought. "It really feels like Pinas!"

I remember the times when I use to do this in Philippines, back when I was around 8-9 years old. When "Inang" (My Grandma) would forbid me to go outside and play in the rain incase I'd get a cold afterwards. I get ill very easily when I was a kid you see. Infact, even until now!
So I would stumble my way up to my bedroom sit on the window sill and watch my friends play "Langit Lupa" in the rain. I was so jealous! I tend to spend a couple of hours with my legs up, hugging them.. and resting my chin on my knee. Thinking that I'm on a planet a lifetime away from my friends, listening to the steady thud of the rain and watching two raindrops chase each other down the window pane. Guess that's why they call it window "pain".

Anyhoo, enough with the drama. The reason why I'm writing this is not to talk abouthow depressing the England weather is but to reminisce about my childhood mooments and how the pople and memories from then is the reason to why and how I got to where I am now. So let's go!! :)

This is me, Jeremy Del Tierro Ganancial Ulanday. Born and raised in Binalonan, Philippines! :)
Till I was 9 anyway. hehe. So yup! Ilocana and proud to be!

Let me share some of the things I grew up to doing or eating  when I was a kid. Im sure some of you will remember these and ofcourse, its only in the Philippines! :)

Pandesal :)
 Let me start with food. Who does not want a bag of warm "pandesals" in the morning for breakfast! In my family, this is never absent on our breakfast table! I remember me and my Inang, would  wait outside the gates at 4am in the morning (even late at night!) and a man on his bike with a big basket behind  him would drive past with his "torotot" or whatever you may call it.  Whenever I wake up in the morning before I head out to school, I always, ALWAYS have this! With margarin, peanut butter (although I cant really eat it!) or on its own! Super yummy talaga!
Fresh Buko Juice!
 This has to be
Bottled Drinks! (Or sa supot!)
Goldilocks Cake!
Halo halo!
Ice Candy
  Ive gotta say that its a perfect afternoon snack when you guy it on the street. Sarap Grabe!
Syempre! Sino ba naman ang makakalimut ng Jollibee? Nearly everyday this was my "baon" to school and I never get sick of it. That giant red bee really gives one jolly treat!
This has got to be my second favourite fruit on earth. Its very popular in markets around October and I remember having this as one of my "Birthday Treats" and having it daily. Trust me, I could eat this everyday.
Mamang Sorbetero
Mamang Sorbetero
Mangang Hilaw
Dirty Ice cream on Pandesal
Puto Bumbong

Meet my THIRD favourite fruit on earth :) Captivating inside and out!
Sago't Gulaman


Sari Saring Paninda
Sari Sari Store

I use to have a friend that sells Turon, Lumpia and Bananaque and I would ride in her bike around the village and help her sell it! It was so much fun!

(To be continued...)