December 20, 2010


To my Dearest Father :)

Dad, Happy Birthday po! Tumatanda na kayo erpats, pero gwapo parin syempre! Hehe. Anyways, Just wanted to say Thank you po sa lahat, for being the perfect Father to us. We do appreciate and love you so much :) More power and more blessings! oh and for making my breakfast every morning kahit hi...ndi tayo bati! Haha. Although I guess tomorrow is my turn to cook for you Chef! I love you!

Your beautiful anak! haha

"Christmas Wish List" will never get old.

It's Almost Christmas. Yey! I feel like Im seven again, whenever this season comes round. I get to decorate Christmas Trees, watch these bits of Cotton-candy like fall from the sky, Christmas shopping, Wrapping presents, Christmas movies, Christmas Carols and of course, make my Christmas Wish List!
Since I didnt grow up with my parents back in the Philippines. They use to make me write my
"Christmas Wish List" and send it to them through the post so they can buy it for me. Too bad Im too old now, so it's the other way round. haha!
Mommy, Daddy, I know you could be reading this, *Hint, hint* Haha, biru lang po :)

1. A Complete Family - My number ONE on my wish list has always been this. It never changed. As I said, my parents worked abroad back when I was kid. Therefore, I spent Christmas with my Inang - My Grandmom, my titas/titos, Church Fam and my cousins in Philippines. They would come home once in a while though. Now that I get a chance to spend it with my parents and my brothers, I am happy about that of course - but yet again, its not complete :( Hopefully, one day though! :)

2. "All I want for Christmas is you!" - Yup, that say's it all. Yan ang gusto ko! haha! :) Christmas ain't Christmas without youuuu!  ;) AJ!

3. Pasko sa Pinas - I haven't been home for 9 years. Oo, 9 years na! Nakakalungkot kasi, nakakamiss din! Iba parin talaga ang pasko sa Pinas. Kahit wala masyadong regalo mas masaya parin! I still need to complete "9 mornings" on my Life List.


4. "The Akala mo lang wala nang Slumbook, pero meron, meron, meron". I stole this from someone else's blog. So credits to "Project Marla" :) Thank you! I remember I got given one of these "Slumbooks" by my close friend Angelica Mamalio (Miss you girl!) on my 9th Birthday. Tweety pa yun, alala ko pa! hehehe. So I got everyone sa barkada and cousins to sign in before I left Philippines to come here. Ang saya saya to the max pa ko nun kasi "my crush" signed it too. haha! Adik. Pero, naiwan ko din. Kung nakanino man un ngayon ibalik nyo sakin! haha

5. Ayan, magiging materialistic na ko! hehe. "Stairway to Heaven Necklace" These two lovers wore it from the Korean Drama "Stairway to Heaven". It's just really cute and pretty. :)

6. Im a film addict.  I get bored easily, so when I do, I just stuff myself with snacks, tubs of ice cream and watch all day. I managed to buy Princess Hourse and One Tree Hill Season 1 Box Set but that's as far as it got. Lol. Ang mahal kasi, asar! Di ko afford. haha

- Princess Hours
- Stairway to Heaven
- My Girl
- Full House (Korean)
- Boys over flowers
- The 1st shop of Coffee Prince
-  One Tree Hill - Season 2-7
- The Hills

One day, Ill have all of these Box set's and Ebay will have none left... in my dreams! Haha. Wishful thinking lang naman!

7. Gadgets

- WHITE POLAROID CAMERA - Oh my days, Im ready to die when I get this. haha
- Flip/Video Cam
- Macbook :)

ASA! More like - "I-will-only-get-these-when-I-get-a-job" than a "Christmas Wish List" LOL

8.  UGG's - Wala lang feel ko lang. In other words, "I cant think of anymore things to put! Lol"

9. Juicy Couture Bag - Like what my mum always says "Its a want, not a need" Which is true. Its just pretty, thats all :)

10. Peace. Love and Happiness for the New Year ahead!