March 23, 2012

Not all strangers..are "STRANGE"

WOAAH! I have not updated my blog in a while, I mean.. A WHILLLLEE! I've consistently been busy over the past months.. went on Holiday back in my homeland - Philippines a couple of months ago for almost 4 weeks! (Which I will blog about SOON! Promise! Ive got so much kwento :) ) Been out and about and most of all been busy with WORK and COLLEGE WORK lately. Super. My January exams were BALLISTIC! So my schedule has been really tight.

I have started writing new posts recently actually but I never got round to finishing it. Either I've been busy.. or just plain lazy. haha! It's all saved on my drafts.

However.. something happened today that really captivated me. I realised that..

Not all strangers.. are "STRANGE".

It all began like this..
I went straight to the library after my College lectures earlier. I just thought.. since I've been very busy being a pain in the bum with procastination, I might hit the books, get my head down and do some work in the library. So I did. Sat down.. brought out a pile of books that weighed TONS and got out a million copies of sheets and notes and did my research for Physics. Earphones in, iPod on.. and completely zooned out of this planet.
Indeed, I did atleast 2 hours of research. Then a random man came along and sat on my desk and handed me a packet of Morissons tissues..


The first thing that popped into my head is ofcourse "What on earth?! who is this person?!" haha

No. I was not hearbroken. I realised that I have been crying my eyes out due to hayfever. haha!

I actually didn't get a chance to say anything then he carried on talking and said..

"You're a strong person. So whatever it is you are going through now will be over before you even know it. Just do what you do best.. all these hard work (pointing out my books layed on the table) will ALL be worth it in the end. Prove them all wrong and one day they'll be proud. You can do it"
(Yes, I did remember his exact words clearly)
Then walked off..

REALLY! Who says that? That is probably the weirdest yet one of THE NICEST or most ENCOURAGING thing a stranger has ever said to me in 19 years of living.

I was literally in TEARS. And not because of hayfever this time.. but because he reminded me of my dad. :(

My dad is not exactly the man of many words. He's not very outspoken when it comes to encouraging me. Infact, he is VERY hard to please. I have worked my socks of.. with blood and sweat for many years to get the highest grades yet I have never heared him say "Im proud of you" until that day I last saw him before he went away and FINALLY said..

"Anak Im very proud of you"

So whoever that man was. Thank you :) It made my day.
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