July 06, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 16.

Day 16: 3 things you are proud of about your personality.

Okay first, Im a very chirpy, blissful, exultant, intoxicated (or whatever you may call it!) person. Im always making jokes, laughing here and there.. at home, at school, party.. you name it! This, I guess, is a part of my personality that makes me harmonize with a lot of people. As my Zodiac sign declared that us Libra's acquire an "easygoing and sociable" personality trait. An old "bestfwen" of mine, Jay, once told me
"Thats one thing I love about you, lagi kang masaya na para kang walang problema. Nakakadala! :)"
I took it as a compliment. Cause if it makes people happy, it makes me even happier.

Secondly, optimisn or a state of having positive beliefs is written all over me. Not at all times, but mostly. I guess that my grandma's affirmative umbringing was the reason behind it. She taught me not only to be contented with what I've got, but actually be HAPPY that Ive got it. Whenever things get tough, she always use to say..
"God sometimes pushes us OUT of our COMFORTABLE lives. To teach us how to TRUST him, Yes, we may fall a bit but he will never let us hit the ground."

Thirdly, Im real and Im me. I may seem "nice" and "gentle" but Im not, I can be strong and I wont let other people push me around. I have my own opinions (Although im not very out spoken about it) But I wont do it just because other people's doing it or other people push me to do it. If I know I believe im doing the right thing, Ill stick to it. No if's, no buts. What you see is what you get.

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